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Access to MUFG

History and track record

MUCAP is a venture capital firm founded in 1974. Our approach to start-ups remains unchanged since the founding: we first share their aspirations of entrepreneurs, establish trust as a capital partner, and then assist throughout their growth stages. This is what we were founded for, and we continue committed to our mission.

Looking back at our business over the decades, while Japan’s venture capital market has experienced some significant ups and downs, MUCAP has consistently supplied growth capital as part of MUFG .
This has resulted in our strong track record.
Please refer to the link below for information on our investment track record.

Collaboration with MUFG companies

Our support is not limited to helping start-ups reach an IPO. To make MUFG’s comprehensive financial capabilities available to start-ups, we work closely with MUFG Bank, Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking, Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley Securities, and other Group companies. Even after start-ups are listed on stock exchange, our clients continue to be provided with broad financial services that they deserve as the Group’s valued customers. Specifically, our professionals offer optimal financial services from those offered by MUFG companies, in an effort to contribute to their sustained growth.

Start-ups in the early stage of development warrant particular attention. Accordingly, along with MUCAP’s own support services, MUFG companies join hands to provide assistance to such start-ups through programs, such as MUFG Bank’s “Rise Up Festa” and Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking’s IPO Caravan.

Many start-ups have given positive feedback on these programs, noting that building rapport with MUFG in an early stage not only enabled them to access to a range of services offered by MUFG companies but also helped increase their credibility.