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The Handling of Personal Information

To ensure that our customers can use our services with confidence, Mitsubishi UFJ Capital Co., Ltd. (MUCAP) is committed to handle its customers’ personal information, personal numbers, and Specific Personal Information with the utmost care under its Privacy Policy.Please be advised that MUCAP handles personal information as set out below:

1. Acquisition of Personal Information

MUCAP collects its customers’ personal information solely to the extent necessary to perform the following services:

  • 1.
    Investment and/or consulting services together with their associated procedures and processes; and
  • 2.
    Any other services that MUCAP is (or will be) permitted to provide together with their associated procedures and processes.

2. Use of Personal Information

MUCAP uses personal information supplied by its customers solely to the extent necessary to achieve the following purposes:

  1. 1.
    To process requests for investment and/or consulting services;
  2. 2.
    To confirm the identity of its customers in accordance with laws and regulations, and the eligibility for the use of investment and/or consulting services;
  3. 3.
    To manage administrative aspects of investment and/or consulting services (such as due date management) to ensure a continuous service delivery;
  4. 4.
    To provide relevant information to third parties solely to the extent necessary for an appropriate delivery of investment services;
  5. 5.
    To properly conduct any processing of personal information that may be outsourced, in whole or in part, to MUCAP by other entities, etc.;
  6. 6.
    To exercise its rights or perform its obligations under agreements with customers, laws and regulations;
  7. 7.
    To conduct research into or development of investment and/or consulting services by market study, data analysis and questionnaire surveys, etc.;
  8. 8.
    To propose investment and/or consulting services (including by offering services that meet the needs of customers through analysis of their transactions and/or website browsing history);
  9. 9.
    To propose investment and/or consulting services or products provided by its partner companies, etc.;
  10. 10.
    To handle and follow up the cancellation of transactions; and/or
  11. 11.
    To execute transactions with customers properly and smoothly.

3. Purpose of Use of Specific Personal Information

  1. 1.
    To conduct administrative work for preparing reports on the payment of consideration for the transfer of shares or other securities made as part of its investment services; or
  2. 2.
    To conduct administrative work for preparing any other payment reports required under laws and regulations; or
  3. 3.
    To conduct other administrative work associated with the two preceding duties.

4. Measures for Secure Management of Information

To prevent any unauthorized access to sensitive information such as personal information or Specific Personal Information, as well as any divulgation, loss, or damage of such information, MUCAP has been implementing a series of organizational, human, physical, and technical security management measures, along with other necessary and appropriate measures, to ensure an appropriate management of these information.
The specific security management measures taken by MUCAP are described as follows:

(Establishment of Basic Policy)

MUCAP has established a basic policy regarding compliance with laws and regulations to ensure a proper handling of personal data.

(Development of Rules on the Handling of Personal Data)

MUCAP has developed rules specific to each step of the handling of personal data, from their acquisition, use, storage, provision to deletion or disposal, etc.

(Organizational Measures for Secure Management of Information)

MUCAP has appointed a person responsible for supervising the handling of personal data, specified the scope of officers and employees authorized to handle personal data, and personal data to be handled by such authorized personnel. It has also developed a reporting and communication system to be used when any fact or sign of non-compliance with laws, regulations, or handling rules is detected.

(Human Measures for Secure Management of Information)

MUCAP has developed its work rules for its officers and employees to assume their roles and responsibilities regarding the confidentiality of personal data, and the sanctions in case of non-compliance.

(Physical Measures for Secure Management of Information)

In MUCAP’s office zones where personal data are handled, measures has been taken to control the access to those zones by the officers and employees, limit network-connectable devices and prevent access to personal data by unauthorized persons.

(Technical Measures for Secure Management of Information)

MUCAP controls the access to personal data by authorizing such access to limited personnel and specifying the scope of personal database that may be handled.

(Grasp of External Environment)

When handling personal data in a foreign country, MUCAP conducts its security management measures by grasping the system regarding the protection of personal information in the foreign country.

5. Information Provision to Third Parties

MUCAP will not provide customer’s personal information to any third party without the customer’s prior consent, unless otherwise specified by laws and regulations. In addition, MUCAP will not provide customer’s Specific Personal Information to any third party, unless otherwise specified by laws and regulations.
In case a third party is located in a foreign country, upon obtaining a customer’s consent, MUCAP provides information on the foreign country where the third party is located, etc. to the customer, in accordance with the provisions of the Act on the Protection of Personal Information.

6. Outsourcing of Personal Information

When outsourcing the handling of personal information to a contractor, MUCAP executes an agreement with the contractor requiring security management measures to be taken under MUCAP’s Privacy Policy and associated rules, to prevent such contractor from using such personal information for other purposes than performing the outsourced duties.

7. Disclosure of Personal Information, etc.

Under the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, procedures for requesting disclosure of the personal data held by MUCAP (including notice of purpose of use, disclosure, correction, or suspension of use) may be carried out as follows:

1. Person eligible to carry out procedure for requesting disclosure of personal data, etc.

  1. (1)
    The customer himself/herself;
  2. (2)
    A legal representative of such customer when a customer is a minor or an adult ward; or
  3. (3)
    A proxy appointed by a customer on behalf for procedure for requesting disclosure, etc.

2. Procedures for requesting disclosure, etc.

  1. (1)
    When the customer visits MUCAP’s office for the procedure:
    Please visit MUCAP’s office with an application form for requesting disclosure, etc. specified by MUCAP, your seal (registered seal) and the certificate of seal registration during our business hours.
  2. (2)
    When a customer carries out the request procedure through postal service:
    Please fill out and send an application form for requesting disclosure, etc. specified by MUCAP with the certificate of seal registration to the inquiry service below.
  3. (3)
    When a legal representative or customer’s appointed proxy carries out the procedure:
    Please contact the MUCAP’s contact for inquiry below when a representative person carries out the procedure by visiting MUCAP’s office or by post.

3. Fees for disclosures, etc.

Procedures for disclosure, etc. are handled at no charge for the moment, however, it may be changed.

4. Method and Timing of response to a request for disclosure, etc.

The response to the request for disclosure, etc. is given in writing or in any other form within a reasonable period of time.

8. Contact for Inquiry

For any request for disclosure, etc., or other inquiry or consultation concerning personal information, please contact:

Privacy Center, Mitsubishi UFJ Capital Co., Ltd.

TEL 03-5205-8581
Hours 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. Monday to Friday; except public holidays and MUCAP’s holidays
Address Nihonbashi Plaza Building 7F, 2-3-4 Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 103-0027

9. Amendment

MUCAP may amend its Privacy Policy and the handling of personal information at any time for the purpose of improving privacy procedures, or otherwise in line with any revision of applicable laws or regulations. Please check MUCAP’s website or head office notice regularly to keep yourself posted on any important updates.

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